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Our goals in this section of the Medical Home Portal are to help you learn how to better care for your child with chronic and complex conditions, and become a more effective partner in your child’s care. Effective partnering with physicians and other health care professionals is the foundation of the Medical Home approach to care (see About Medical Home to learn more). Wherever you are on your family’s journey, reading the pages in this section should help you with your own goals for your family.

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Information & Support

For Professionals

A Request for a Letter of Medical Necessity (Word Document 16 KB)
A simple, one-page form for parents to fill out that helps the physician write a letter of medical necessity.

For Parents and Patients

Care Notebook (PDF Document 1.0 MB)
Track your child's care, health, insurance, and other information in this care notebook. Individual pages/links are available. Updated in 2021.

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