Transition-Related Legal Issues

A person with disabilities can sometimes experience legal issues or need legal help to protect their rights and make sure their needs are being met. When youth with special health care needs transition to adulthood, it is very important for them and their family to know about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Will they need someone to help them make decisions? If so, what help do they need?

Some young adults will need more supports than others. It is important to recognize that every adult should have the opportunity to make decisions about their life as much as they can, even if they have legal guardians helping them.

Will they need help with financial planning and budgeting?

For many adults with disabilities, it is very important for them and whoever is helping to understand how to manage money. This is not only for budgeting, but for planning how to save money or work, and still keep vital benefits like Medicaid and SSI.

What issues may be important to youth in transition?

  • Guardianship
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Laws related to disability

The Medical Home Portal offers information to help better understand the law and prepare for the transition to adulthood in the Legal Issues section.

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