Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention

Programs, often offered in the schools or in other community settings, that attempt to protect children from physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse or exploitation through a variety of educational interventions which may focus on children of various ages, parents, people who work with children and/or the community at large. (AIRS FN-1500.1900-150)

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3751 West 6h Street, #70308
Los Angeles, CA 90070
Phone: 213-365-1906 Crisis Line: 888-539-2373
Address: 3751 West 6h Street, #70308
Los Angeles, CA 90070
Phone: 213-365-1906
Crisis Line: 888-539-2373
Eligibility: Contact for eligibility.
Services Provided: CAST's client services programs offer support all along the continuum of a human trafficking survivor’s journey, including: emergency response, counseling and skills training, shelter, legal advocacy and survivor leadership.

Hotline & Emergency Response: 888-539-2373. The hotline provides around the clock response to victims of human trafficking and law enforcement and serves as a resource to the community for referrals, technical assistance and reporting tips regarding potential human trafficking cases. The emergency response team provides immediate, short-term services to ensure the safety and well-being of victims when they first escape their trafficking situation.

Social Services: CAST's intensive case management program offers a client-centered, trauma-informed approach to helping survivors along their journey to freedom and independence. The program begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine goals and necessary next steps. Services include basic necessities, safety planning, supportive counseling, medical, education, life skills training, employment, transportation, applying for state/federal benefits and more.

Legal Services: CAST attorneys empower survivors to assert their legal rights and choose appropriate remedies to rebuild their lives. The legal services program works collaboratively with survivors, community-based organizations, public-interest attorneys and numerous government agencies to ensure survivors of human trafficking are provided culturally-sensitive, victim-centered legal representation. Along with its in-house legal team, CAST's pro bono attorneys dedicate their time and talent assisting with immigration advocacy, criminal victim-witness advocacy, civil litigation, family law and cutting edge policy initiatives.

Youth Program: CAST recognizes the specialized needs of minor and transition age youth (TAY) survivors of human trafficking and developed specific youth-focused programming. Youth services include monthly group activities focused on empowerment, positive experiences and education; comprehensive case management with interventions geared towards youth; and individual assistance navigating various systems, including the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and Probation Department, when necessary. In addition, the program offers internships for Transition-Aged Youth (TAY), which seek to build job skills and professional development through direct work experience and mentorship.

Survivor Leadership: CAST’s work is directly informed by the real experiences of the clients it serves. The survivor leadership programs, Survivor Advisory Caucus (launched in 2003) and National Survivor Network (launched in 2011), bring together a community of survivors of human trafficking for peer-to-peer mentorship and survivor-led advocacy. Their voices on policy and public awareness have led to the development of stronger protections for victims in both California and federal anti-trafficking laws. By connecting survivors across the country, CAST supports and encourages survivors to realize their own leadership qualities and to value their insight, not just as survivors, but as experts in the field.

Training & Technical Assistance: CAST’s Comprehensive Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) program is designed to provide expertise and training for service advocates on the full spectrum of legal remedies available to human trafficking victims through individualized technical assistance, in-person training and regular working group calls. CAST TTA is now offering free support to attorneys and social service providers assisting trafficking survivors with legal needs in the following areas of law: immigration, criminal re-entry, reporting to law enforcement, ethics, criminal victim witness advocacy, program support, referrals, civil and more. Through this program, CAST's TTA team established a toll-free hotline and dedicated email to respond to breaking requests for technical assistance from both legal and social service providers. For case specific questions or individualized technical assistance for attorneys and social service providers, contact TTA through the online "Technical Assistance Request Form". We try to respond to TA requests within 72 hours. If the volume of requests is high response may be up to 7 days.

Advocacy & Public Policy: Drawing from nearly two decades of direct experience with victims of human trafficking, CAST has catalyzed first-of-its-kind legislation and has won the respect and partnership of a diverse group of policy leaders. CAST begins all its policy initiatives by engaging its main constituents – survivors themselves. These initiatives center on survivor experiences and highlight survivor advocacy. CAST not only introduces anti-trafficking legislation, but also works hard to ensure policy implementation.

Los Angeles local programs:
-Partnerships & Outreach
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1433 N 1075 West, Suite 110
Farmilngton, UT 84025
Phone: 801-447-9360
Address: 1433 N 1075 West, Suite 110
Farmilngton, UT 84025
Phone: 801-447-9360
Wheelchair Accessible: Complete
Services Provided: A nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity with a mission to “Prevent shaken baby syndrome and promote the well-being of infants generally through the development and implementation of programs, policy and research; and to support and educate families, caregivers and professionals.”
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Last Updated: 1/7/2020
Organization Name: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
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Address: 5600 Fishers Lane, Parklawn Building, Room 17C-26
Rockville, MD 20857
Services Provided: Website-based resources for parents and caregivers who play an essential role in helping children and teenagers recover from traumatic events.
Provider Profiles: Internet-based resource
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Phone: 888-373-7888
Crisis Line: 888-373-7888
Text: 233733
TDD: 771
Toll Free Phone: 888-373-7888
Eligibility: Victims of human trafficking and their friends and families.
Services Provided: Provides a 24/7 reporting hotline, information, and confidential referral to social and legal services for victims and survivors of human trafficking.
Provider Profiles: US Department of Health and Human Services and non-government sources
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9 New Venture Drive Unit 4
South Dennis, MA 02660
Phone: 844-723-5437
Address: 9 New Venture Drive Unit 4
South Dennis, MA 02660
Phone: 844-723-5437
Toll Free Phone: 888-482-1118
Eligibility: Elementary age children can participate in a radKIDS program if there is a program in their area. Women and Men’s classes are for ages 12 and up.
Services Provided: RadKIDS teaches and trains children with skills that help them recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary escape violence or harm in their lives. Instructors at many elementary schools and local police officers are trained by the national organization radKIDS to teach classes on these skills.
Provider Profiles: Partner with Elizabeth Smart Foundation
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