Speech - Language Pathologists

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Individuals who assess, diagnose, treat and help to prevent speech, language, cognitive, communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other related disorders. (AIRS YO-3000.7150-850)

Organization Name: National Institutes of Health
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31 Center Dr., MSC 2320
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone: 800-241-1044
TDD: 800-241-1055
Eligibility: communication disorders
Services Provided:

Information specialists provide callers with fact sheets, resources and referrals to other organizations and agencies. Topics include hearing, balance, smell and taste, voice, speech, and language disorders.

Source: MHP-Nationwide
Last Updated: 9/18/2020
1733 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20009-3103
Phone: 202-232-3579
1733 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20009-3103
Phone: 202-232-3579
Fax: 202-464-0487
Email: council@scottishrite.org
Eligibility: As a rule, the SRCLP Clinics accept preschool children who have difficulty speaking or understanding the spoken word or school-age children who have difficulty learning to read. Some centers also offer literacy training for adults.
Services Provided: A program to help children with speech and language disorders. Each facility is staffed by speech-language pathologists or other trained personnel. All services are available regardless of race, creed, or the family’s inability to pay.
Source: Medical Home Portal
Last Updated: 10/11/2018
3417 Volta Place NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202-337-5220
TDD: 202-337-5221
Fax: 202-337-8314
Email: info@agbell.org
Eligibility: Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Services Provided: A resource center on hearing loss and spoken language approaches and related issues. Promotes opportunities and rights of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to learn to use, maintain, and improve all aspects of their verbal communication, including their abilities to use residual hearing and process both spoken and written language. Offers scholarship/ financial award opportunities, membership, information, and publications.
Source: MHP-Nationwide
Last Updated: 1/7/2020