Sexual Assault Counseling

Programs that provide crisis, short-term and/or ongoing counseling for people who are coping with the emotional trauma of being forced to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual acts without their consent. Counseling and support may be offered in a variety of settings and may include individual, conjoint, family and group therapy sessions for the survivor and/or significant others. (AIRS RP-1400.8000-800)

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Eligibility: Males 14 and up, overcoming sexual victimization.
Services Provided: Fosters a healing community where thousands of men from more than 190 countries come together to find support, information and — most importantly — hope. Website includes support groups, discussion boards, monitored chat rooms, and a directory of therapists who specialize in male victimization.
Provider Profiles: Associated with Nova Southern University, FL.
A searchable database of therapists who specialize in male victimization.
Original Source: MHP-Nationwide
Last Updated: 8/15/2019