Help with Lists

screenshot of my lists page showing columns for order, my list/other's list, list name, last viewed, and shareable (with link)
Sample My Lists page showing owned and viewed lists
All list options require you to Sign-in.

  • Click My Lists in the top right corner to go to your existing list.
  • The page will include all lists you own and any lists you viewed while signed in (Others' Lists).
  • Click on a column header to sort the list by that column.
  • Information on this page:
    • First column (Owner):
      • Solid bullet, you own the list;
      • Hollow bullet, you viewed someone else's list. Open and copy the list to make edits.
    • List Name: Click the list name to open the list edit screen.
    • Last Viewed: The last time you viewed the list. Current means this is the list you viewed most recently. If the list you are viewing is owned by someone else, you won't be able to edit it. Open and copy the list to make edits.
    • Shareable: Indicates whether the list can be accessed publicly via link.
      • Link Icon with "Get URL" text: list is shareable. For lists you own, click the link icon to change to private.
      • Lock Icon: list is private. For lists you own, click the lock icon to change to shareable.
      • You can't change the shareable/private status of lists you don't own. Lists you previously viewed that are now private with show as "an unshared list."
      • Click "Get URL" to copy a link to the list. Recipients do not need to sign in to view the list.
      • When lists are set to "Shareable," anyone with the link can view the list. They will view the latest version, including any changes to the list made by the List owner and any updates to Service Providers made by Portal staff.

Create a New List

  • From My Lists: Click "Create a New List" at the bottom of the list of existing lists.
  • From an existing list: Click "Copy" to create a new list based on the current list. Click "New" to create a new blank list.
  • You will be taken to a page for the new list. The default list name is based on your username/email.

List Options

screenshot showing list fields such as title, description, not for printing, sharing setting, Get URL (if applicable), delete, copy, and new list action
View of options on a list
Never include personal or identifying information in a list's Name or Description fields.

  • Click in the name field to give the list a new name. Click the checkmark to accept the change or "X" to exit field without saving changes.
  • Click "Add a Description" to add general information about the list. Click the checkmark to accept the change, "X" to exit field without saving changes, or eraser to clear the field and exit.
  • Click "Add a Note (for printing; not saved)" to add a note for a specific recipient. This will not be saved if you exit the screen. Click the checkmark to accept the change, "X" to exit field without saving changes, or eraser to clear the field and exit.
  • Click the Sharing dropdown and change to "Shareable" to make the list publicly shareable. Click "Private" make the list private. For a Shareable list, click "Get URL" to copy the list URL.
  • Click "Delete" to delete the list.
  • Click "Copy" to create a copy of the list that can be edited separately.
  • Click "New List" to create a new list.
  • Click the "Help with this list" to see a short summary explanation of lists.
  • Use the "Print" option to print a physical copy or save as a PDF. This will include any active notes.

Adding Service Providers to a List

  • Sign-in to the Portal.
  • Check which list you are editing (shown above the Get Help link). To go to a different list, click that list name in the dropdown or go back to My Lists.
Dropdown menu of available lists showing My Lists title and Pediatric Provider Finders (16) and Support Resources (16) lists
See which list you are editing or go to another list
  • Go to Services Directory. Search or browse categories.
  • When you find a Service Provider that you would like to add, hover over the Service Category(ies) and click the checkbox next to the category for which you would like to add it to your list.
screenshot: checkboxes next to service categories with one checked to add service provideer to list under that category
Select one or more categories to add Service Provider to the list
  • A pop-up window will confirm which Service Provider was added, which Service Category it was added for, and which list it was added to. You'll also see a list of your other lists and can add the Service Provider to additional lists.
Pop-up box for service provider added to list showing provider, service added for, list, and user's other lists
Pop-up confirms your list addition

Other Information About Lists

screenshot showing category adolescent medicine and text "this provider is no longer in the list"
Message notes Service Provider removed from list
To remove Service Providers from a list, uncheck the box next to the Service Category for which was added. If the Service Provider was only included in the list under one category, you'll see a notice that the Service Provider is no longer on the list. When you refresh or return to the list, the Service Provider will not appear.

screenshot showing Pediatric Dentistry category with checkmark and strikethrough and message "Provider is no longer in category"
Message notes Service Provider no longer in category
If the Service Provider has been removed from the Service Category for which it is added to a list, there will be a message on the list that the Service Provider is no longer in the category. To keep the Service Provider on the list, we suggest selecting a different category.

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