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Services & Resources

Here you will find a wealth of information, support, tools, and more to help you care for your child or patient with special health care needs and to collaborate with others to achieve optimal outcomes.
Community & Professional Services: browse our services listings by category or search by keyword or name. Our database includes services offered by non-profit organizations and a growing number of private, professional services.
Information & Support: search or browse for links identified by our authors and other experts as helpful and reliable.
Patient Education: downloadable files and links to augment the education provided in your office.
Tools for the Practice: find checklists, charts, techniques, forms, and other tools to facilitate providing high quality, efficient care, focused on children and youth with special health care needs.
Registries & Studies: referenced in the various sections of the Portal.
Newsletters & Conference Calls (transcripts): gathered from a variety of sources on topics relevant to Medical Home and CYSHCN.
Bibliography: all the articles, periodicals, books, etc. cited by our Authors and Contributors are compiled here for searching or browsing.