Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program

Organization Name: Utah Department of Health
Address: 288 North 1460 West
PO Box 142107
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2107
Languages Spoken: Spanish
Eligibility: For individuals with uncontrolled asthma living in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. No cost, no health insurance required.
Services Provided: The Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program will help families of children with asthma who have uncontrolled asthma. The program includes three visits and two phone calls and provides asthma self-management education, home trigger education and assessment, and trigger remediation referral. Providers can provide qualifying patients to the service, and patients desiring additional resources can self-refer as well.

In Salt Lake County, call: 385-468-4085
In Utah County, call: 801-851-7509
Provider Profiles: Andrea Jensen, Utah County 801 851-7509
Tiffany Brinton, Salt Lake County 385 468-4085
Original Source: MedHome Portal
Last Updated: 10/18/2017