Non-Emergency Transportation / LogistiCare Utah

Organization Name: Utah Department of Health - Medicaid
Address: UT
Phone: 801-538-6155
TDD: 866-288-3133
Toll Free Phone: 800-662-9651
Fax: 877-637-9079
Eligibility: Individuals who reside in Utah and are eligible for Traditional Medicaid Services; who have no way to get a ride to their medical appointments, and who cannot use bus or para-transit services due to a medical condition, or if these services are not available in your area.
Services Provided: Non-emergency transportation for eligible Medicaid members to assist with transportation request medical appointments.
UTA Bus Pass - You may receive a bus pass if you have Traditional Medicaid and live in an area served by UTA or Cedar Area Transportation Services (CATS)
Para-Transit Bus Services are available in some areas. If you live in an area served by FlexTrans and you are approved to receive FlexTrans services, you must contact Medicaid to receive FlexTrans vouchers
Provider Profiles: LogistiCare Services - If you do not live in an area served by bus, para-transit services or you need door-to-door service, you may be eligible for LogistiCare services. You may be transported by LogistiCare for up to four weeks while LogistiCare determines your eligibility for door-to-door services. Call 1-855-563-4403 and be prepared to tell LogistiCare the doctor’s name and fax number you would like to complete the required Mobility Evaluation. Please check beforehand that your doctor is willing to complete the form for you.

You must contact LogistiCare to schedule your ride at least 3 business days before your medical appointment.
Original Source: MedHome Portal
Last Updated: 3/22/2018