Child Development Program (CDP)

Organization Name: University Developmental Assessment Center (UDAC), Pediatrics, University of Utah
Address: 44 N Mario Capecchi Drive
Department of Health Building
Salt Lake City, UT 84113
Phone: 801-587-2255
Eligibility: Ages 0 - 21. Sliding scale based on income. Parents, primary care providers or educators may make referral to the CDP. If you believe your child would benefit from this program, please call.
Services Provided: The CDP evaluates, consults and provides case management for children and adolescents with any type of developmental need or concern, including those with or at risk for:
Autism spectrum disorder
Intellectual disability
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Speech and hearing concerns
Behavioral and emotional challenges
Developmental or physical delays
Cognitive concerns
Any type of developmental concern

CDP provides the following assessment services:
Developmental Pediatrics
Speech and Language Pathology
Occupational and Physical Therapy
Care Coordination
Family Support Service--Utah Family Voices

Child Development Program (CDP) Traveling Clinics provide clinical assessments, diagnostic services, consulting and case management to any infant, child, or adolescent who may have a developmental need, concern, or high risk for:
Autism spectrum disorder
Speech and hearing concerns
Behavioral and emotional challenges
Developmental or physical delays
Cognitive concerns
Orthopedic concerns*
*Orthopedic traveling clinics are held on different days than CDP traveling clinics. Patients for the traveling clinics are most often referred by their primary care physician, specialist, early intervention, or a parent.
UDOH Integrated Services Program staff assist in coordinating care with the child’s medical home and local community resources.
Traveling clinics occur three or four times a year for 1-2 days each per site. Team members travel to each clinic site to provide services. The traveling clinics are typically held at the local health department or a church. Children are seen by all appropriate services.

The Occupational and Physical Therapists support children and work as part of an interdisciplinary medical team, providing assessment and referral to appropriate resources in the following areas: Gross motor development, Fine motor development, Movement and mobility including balance and coordination, Adaptation of participation of activities of daily living, Tone and spasticity assessment and management, Orthotics and prosthetic assessment, wear and care, Equipment design, fabrication, and fit, Use of available assistive technologies, Feeding and oral motor concerns, Sensory processing, Handwriting, and Visual perceptual skills.
Provider Profiles: CDP clinics are held in Salt Lake, Blanding, Moab, Price, Richfield, St. George, Vernal, and conducted by evaluative teams.

The University of Utah has assumed responsibility for clinical services formerly provided by the Bureau of Child Development, Utah Department of Health.
Clinical services for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)
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Last Updated: 6/1/2017