Cornerstone Counseling Center

Organization Name: Volunteers of America Utah
Address: 447 West Bearcat Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Phone: 801-355-2846
Fax: 801-359-3244
Eligibility: Children and youth, families. Treatment for those who otherwise are unable to afford treatment, sliding scale. Childcare available.
Services Provided: Cornerstone Counseling Center provides counseling, therapy and support to families impacted by addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and/or involved with domestic violence. Children's Care Center available to accommodate the treatment schedule of parents.
Treatment for any of the following:
Significant family changes and psychosocial stressors
Emotional or behavior problems
Abuse or neglect
Mood and anxiety disorders
Low self-esteem
Trauma-related symptoms
Engages in risky or self-harming behaviors or threatens suicide
Are older than the age range for parent-child groups but still affected by parental substance abuse.
Original Source: MedHome Portal
Last Updated: 11/9/2016