Organization Name: Utah State Office of Education
Address: 1590 East 9400 South
Sandy, UT 84093
Phone: 800-669-4533
Fax: 801-363-1508
Languages Spoken: Spanish Services Available
Eligibility: A child, 4 or 5 years old, who has not yet entered kindergarten, and currently resides in Utah. Participants agree to use the program at home at least 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Participants may qualify for the use of a free computer and Internet service. Priority given to low income and Spanish-speaking children and families. No cost. Application process.
Services Provided: A state-funded, in-home, computer-based preschool program that prepares four-year-olds for kindergarten with a fun start in reading, math, and science in just 15 minutes a day. The program provides free computer and internet service for those who qualify. Priority given to low-income and Spanish-speaking children and families.
Provider Profiles: Waterford Institute administered, funded by Utah State Office of Education
Original Source: MedHome Portal
Last Updated: 11/8/2016