Camp Takoda

Address: Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: 801-209-3203
Eligibility: Children ages 8 to 12 are eligible to participate in the Salt Lake City program. Enrollment is limited, and participants are selected based on an evaluation conducted by program staff. Psychological tests required for admission are performed by program staff, but recent testing from other sources may be acceptable in some cases. Children with ADHD, oppositional disorders, aggression, learning problems, or children with mixed behavior and learning problems are evaluated. Referrals can be made by school personnel, mental health professionals, physicians, or parents. Those children who meet certain criteria are offered admission.
Services Provided: Implements Dr. William Pelham's highly acclaimed, evidence-based Summer Treatment Program (STP) for children struggling with ADHD or related disorders, Camp Takoda, besides being a lot of fun, offers an intensive therapy program unlike any other in the state.
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Last Updated: 11/4/2013