Community Action Services and Food Bank - Provo

Organization Name: Community Action Services and Food Bank
Address: 815 South Freedom Boulevard (200 W)
Provo, UT 84601
Phone: 801-857-4469
Fax: 801-373-8228
Eligibility: Must have a need (lost item, need for a job) and are unable to afford the cost.
Services Provided: Community Action Services and Food Bank is an nonprofit organization in Provo that provides emergency assistance and long-term support to help families in poverty become self-reliant. They do this by providing a variety of programs and solutions designed to address local needs and issues.
Provider Profiles: Focused on families with 100% legal and physical custody of children but there are some limited amounts available for other households specific to an eviction crisis (limit of $300 for families without children). For rental assistance, must have an eviction notice in hand.
Original Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 4/3/2018