Henry Yeates, MD FAAAI

Address: 159 North 400 West # B-8
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: 801-226-3600
Fax: 801-224-3811
Services Provided: Dr. Yeates has more than 20 years of service dedicated to helping those suffering from allergies and allergy related issues.
Provider Profiles: Henry Yeates, MD FAAAI (Pediatric Residency, A/I Fellowship) (Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology FAAAI;
Expertise: asthma, immunology;
Certification: ABAI 1989, ABP 1980;
Professional Affiliation: UT Soc AL/AS, JCAAI,ACAAI;
Hospital Affiliation: Utah Valley, IHC Hospitals
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Last Updated: 10/15/2015