Local Support Groups, Child Abuse

Description: Mutual support groups whose members are individuals who have been involved in a persistent pattern of violence and/or neglect involving a child which may include abandonment, emotional abuse, emotional deprivation, physical abuse and corporal punishment that results in a traumatic condition, physical neglect and/or inadequate supervision and/or sexual abuse or exploitation. (AIRS PN-8100.0200-100)

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Heber, UT

150 North Main Street, Ste 206
Heber, UT 84032
Phone: 435-657-9930
Organization Name: Center for Women and Children in Crisis
Address: 150 North Main Street, Ste 206
Heber, UT 84032
Phone: 435-657-9930
Fax: 435-657-3983
Eligibility: Education classes are open to survivors, family and friends, and concerned community members.
Services Provided: Offers limited services: Abuse therapy for children and adults, Love and Logic Parenting classes, and Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence Education Groups.
Provider Profiles: Call for group schedules.
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Last Updated: 6/7/2018
Address: 1540 East 980 South
Heber, UT 84032
Phone: 435-657-1000
Fax: 435-654-3963
Eligibility: Any child who has been abused in any way
Services Provided: Provides a comfortable, child friendly atmosphere for the alleged victims of child abuse to receive coordinated services during the investigative process.
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Last Updated: 5/9/2017

Lehi, UT

Address: Lehi, UT 84043
Phone: 801-214-7079
Email: ksteck@youniquefoundation.org
Eligibility: Adult female survivors of abuse that occurred when 18 years or younger. Participants must be able to safely live in a social environment for four days with a group of other survivors and abstain from drugs and alcohol without significant withdrawals.
Services Provided: Three weeks each month, The Younique Foundation hosts female survivors of childhood sexual abuse at The Haven Retreat. From Monday to Thursday, these women gather in the beautiful mountains of Utah to learn, reflect, and rejuvenate. At the retreat, you can participate in a variety of activities to help you heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. Activities include: classes and tools to manage the impact of abuse; exercise designed to help with trauma recovery, group therapy.
Provider Profiles: Due to the generosity of our founders and donors, survivors attend The Haven Retreat for free. Participants are responsible for travel to and from pick-up locations in the Salt Lake City area. All food, lodging, and services are provided free of charge.

Katie Steck, contact
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Last Updated: 9/6/2018

Salt Lake City, UT

1400 South Foothill Drive, Suite 24
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Phone: 801-581-0422
Organization Name: Aspen Grove Counseling
Address: 1400 South Foothill Drive, Suite 24
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Phone: 801-581-0422
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Last Updated: 2/13/2014