Prenatal Urinary Tract Dilation Care Process Guideline

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Updated in 2023, this care guideline advises what next steps should be taken by the University of Utah Hospital postpartum care team and outpatient primary care clinicians to manage newborns with prenatal diagnosis of urinary tract dilation (UTD).

Key Points

  • Infants with prenatal imaging consistent with urinary tract dilation (e.g., renal ultrasound) should be followed up after delivery. Unstable infants, those unable to urinate in the first 24-48 hours, and newborns with abnormal kidney tissue or renal parenchyma require urgent consultation with Pediatric Nephrology and/or Pediatric Urology.
  • Stable infants with UTD A1 generally should have a renal ultrasound performed 4 weeks after delivery.
  • Stable infants with UTD A2-3 should have postpartum imaging by 48 hours after delivery and prior to discharge from the birth hospital so that diet and medication recommendations can be adjusted prior to discharge, if necessary.
  • Follow-up care is determined based on the severity of postpartum imaging findings. Pediatric Nephrology and/or Pediatric Urology may be consulted, and labs may be recommended. See Outpatient UTD Care.
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Authors & Reviewers

Initial publication: July 2022; last update/revision: March 2023
Current Authors and Reviewers:
Authors: Aarti Vala, MD
Caitlin G Peterson, DO
Jennifer Goldman, MD, MRP, FAAP
Reviewers: Meredith Seamon, MD
Raoul D Nelson, MD, PhD
Matthew Michael Grinsell, MD, PhD
Joseph R Sherbotie, MD