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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Services & Other Resources

Information & Support

For Parents and Patients

ADHD (Healthy Children), developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics; this page links to over 90 articles on the site discussing various aspects of ADHD evaluation and management.

ADHD (Medline Plus)
Medline Plus is a service of the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health; this Health Topic page provides links to numerous high-quality sources of information about ADHD for patients and their families.

What is ADHD? (KidsHealth)
Sponsored by Nemours Foundation, KidsHealth provides health information for parents, kids, and teens; this is the parent's page on ADHD; see the tabs at the top for the pages focused on kids and teens.


Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a national non-profit organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with AD/HD. Numerous local chapters can be found through the web site.

For Professionals

ADHD Information (Natl. Resource Center on ADHD)
The National Resource Center on ADHD is a cooperative venture of CHADD and the CDC, offering information about all aspects of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Services include the ability to email in specific questions.

ADHD resources (Intermountain Healthcare)
A wonderful collection of ADHD-related tools, forms, and patient education materials; available for download; part of Intermountain Healthcare's Mental Health Integration Clinical Program.

Genetics in Primary Care Institute (GPCI)
A collaboration among the Health Resources & Services Administration, the Maternal & Child Health Bureau, and the American Academy of Pediatrics aimed at increasing collaboration in the care of children with known or suspected genetic disorders. Includes health supervision and management guidelines, and other useful resources.


Caring for Children with ADHD Toolkit (AAP)
A toolkit for clinicians from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Can be ordered (cost is reduced for AAP members) from the linked-to page. Members may download the components of the Toolkit at no charge from the Member Center. The Toolkit contains: Diagnosis - checklists for teachers and parents, and diagnostic tools for clinical use. Treatment - guidelines for therapy plans, setting treatment goals, medication dosing. Parent Information and Support - "Understanding ADHD" booklet, information about school issues, other parenting resources. Resources - Information on coding, billing, and reimbursement, Internet resources for parents, teachers, and clinicians.

Conners 3rd Edition ADHD Assessment (Pearson)
Conners 3rd Edition ADHD Assessment may be obtained from this and other websites, usually at some cost. To be administered to parents and teachers of children and Adolescents 6-18 years old; Self-report, 8-18 years old.

Pediatric Symptom Checklist (Bright Futures)(PDF Document 47 KB)
A free psychosocial screen designed to facilitate the recognition of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems. Includes a checklist for parents or youth to complete and scoring instructions.

The Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist
A variety of screening tools are available, including the basic checklist forms.

Vanderbilt ADHD Parent Rating Scale(PDF Document 72 KB)
Useful tool for assessing and quantifying ADHD manifestations at home.

Vanderbilt ADHD Teacher Rating Scale(PDF Document 53 KB)
Useful tool for assessing and quantifying the impact of attention problems in school.

Vanderbilt Children's Developmental Services Rating Scales
Links to pdf versions of the Vanderbilt Teacher and Parent Rating scales; includes Spanish language versions (with English translations).

Vanderbilt Scales (Bright Futures)
The parent and teacher Vanderbilt scales may be downloaded for free from the Bright Futures website.


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Clinical Trials in ADHD (NIH)
From, a listing of clinical trials in various aspects of ADHD; filterable by completed, recruiting, active but not recruiting, etc.

Mental Health Clinical Trials (NIMH)
Links to descriptions of clinical trials in numerous mental health conditions, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc., from the National Institutes of Mental Health.